⇒ Nothing unusual, we never risk the security of our customers.
⇒ Bring sunglasses and casual clothes.

⇒ Trogir Wooden Bridge , Port Slatine , Split Matejuška port.
⇒ It is possible to arrange your pick up location.

⇒ Boat rental from 09.00 to 18.00. The boat goes with a full tank and needs to be returned with a full tank.

♠ Cash
♠ Bank transaction
♠ PayPal
⇒ No credit cards.

⇒ If the landlord does not have a secured safe berth, it is obliged to tie the boat on the charter location or rent the berth.

⇒ Port Slatine, Trogir-Split
⇒ Possible Boat delivery to you.

⇒ A boat driving licence, not matter from where.
⇒ ID card.