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WHAT TO EXPECT ( second part )

April was a pleasant month. It could be said that it has never been so peaceful and serene in Croatia and Dalmatia during April. This global disaster COVID has calmed us down. It’s nice to see how closer families are, hanging out and arranging backyards.

Places that have not been cultivated for years are now tidy and beautiful. The whole island of Ciovo is shining, forest roads are cultivated, there are places for cycling everywhere. The top of the island has a full-length mountain road overlooking the nearby islands. On one side you can see Split, Marjan, Kaštela and Trogir and on the other the islands of Brać, Hvar, Šolta and Vis, a truly spectacular view. We live in a beautiful village Slatine.

On the business side, we used Nakiros Charter April to finalize the fleet preparation to the maximum. By controlling all parts, we reduced the possibility of failure in the season, and we succeeded. We are really pleased with the orderliness of the fleet and new Quicsilver Activ 605.

The situation is still stable, Ciovo, Trogir, Slatine have a safe 0 infected.

Slowly and not under much stress with all the work completed we are waiting for the first guests – charter.
What now, what awaits us? Who do we work for?


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